Border Models Military 1/35 PzKpfw IV Ausf H Early/Mid Tank (2 in 1) w/4 Crew Kit

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Border Model is the latest company to set its sights on making quality Panzer IV's in 35th scale. With this boxing with photo-etch,14 marking choices & 3D designed figures by Jason Wong, it looks like they mean business.

Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf H entered production in April of 1943 as the ninth variant of Panzerkampfwagen IV tank family (9 Serie BW). This medium tank received a designation of Sd.Kfz.161/2. Production took place until July of 1944 and Ausf H reached the largest production figures of any Panzerkampfwagen IV model with 3774 produced by Krupp-Gruson AG in Magdeburg, Vomag AG in Plauen and Nibelungenwerke AG in St.Valentin. The last company produced the most of Ausf H tanks until it switched production to the next and final variant Ausf J. Chassis numbers for Ausf H were 84401 to approx.89540.

Kit Features:
  • Most of the parts in this boxing are completely new tooled
  • Figures designed by Jason Wong are included; three tankers and one infantryman.
  • A metal barrel is included as an option in this kit.
  • A scraper to make your own Zimmerit is included in the kit.
  • Photo-etch parts are included the largest being the new metal Shurtzen

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