AFV Club Aircraft 1/144 Vought F4U1/1A/1C/1D Corsair Fighter (2) Kits

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Accepting Back Orders - Will Ship When Available

  • Contains parts for two F4Us with options to build F4U-1/F4U-1A/F4U-1C/F4U-1D variants
  • Two types of movable propellers
  • Two types of fuel tanks
  • A variety of armament options including machine guns or cannon, 1,000 lb/250 lb bombs and HVAR projectiles.
  • Additional features reportedly include cowl flaps that can be modeled open or closed, landing gear that can be modeled in extended or retracted positions and
  • Marking options for four machines, including F4U-1 of VF-17, USS Bunker Hill, July 1943; Mk.I [F4U-1] of 1834 Squadron, Fleet Air Arm, Quonset Point, July 1943; F4U-1A of VMF-214, Solomon Islands, December 1943; and F4U-1A of 18 Squadron, Royal New Zealand Air Force, Guadalcanal, 1945 

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