Woodland Scenics SubTerrain: Build A Layout Fast and Easy DVD

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Construct a Lightweight Model Layout in Five Easy Steps - no heavy layout materials necessary! Learn to build a model railroad using the Woodland Scenics revolutionary SubTerrain Lightweight Layout System. Step-by-step, the DVD will show you the most convenient and lightweight way to create a durable hard shell or terrain base that easily accepts coloring, plaster castings & other landscape materials.Approximately 58 minutes.
  • Build a layout fast & easy, from start to finish, in just 5 steps!
  • Step-by-step video instructions that show you how to build a realistic model railroad layout with Woodland Scenics'® revolutionary SubTerrain Lightweight Layout System® (WOOU3929).
  • The SubTerrain System consists of rigid, high-density foam components. It leaves no dusty mess and requires no complicated calculations!
  • Power tools are not needed for realistic results!  
  • This video also shows you how to finish your layout using Woodland Scenics® basic terrain and landscaping techniques. 

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