Williams Brothers Aircraft 1/72 The World Flight of 1924 BiPlane Cruisers (4 Kits)

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Douglas Aircraft special purpose 1924 'round-the-world' expedition biplane derived from the DT torpedo bomber - first aircraft to circumnavigate the globe.

4 unassembled World Cruisers, each with tandem cockpits, optional wheel or float landing gear, upper engine detail, acetate wind screens and rigging diagrams.

  • Special bonus 70 minute DVD 'First Flight Around the World' (A&E Entertainment) which tells the story of this historic event.  
  • Decals and painting guide for all 5 expedition aircraft: No 1, 'Seattle', flown by Martin and Harvey; No 2, 'Chicago', Smith and Turner; No 3, 'Boston', Wade and Ogden; No 3, 'Boston II', Wade and Ogden; and No 4, 'New Orleans' flown by Nelson and Harding - includes instrument panel markings and horizontal tailplane drift sighting lines.

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