WalthersProto HO 89' Bethlehem Flush-Deck Flatcar - Santa Fe #1 (White, Black, Pullman and ACF Hitches)

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From the 1970s to the present, these WalthersProto 89' Bethlehem Flush-Deck Flatcars are a must for modeling trailer-on-flat-car service on your HO layout! 
Designed especially for use with overhead- or side-loading cranes, these later variations of the 89' flatcar eliminated the deep channel side sills that served as rub rails when trailers were driven on or off the cars. Introduced in the 1970s when 40' trailers were still standard, the cars were later updated to handle the bigger 45' trailers that came into service in the early 1980s by repositioning the hitches. These cars would remain the backbone of intermodal fleets for years and were later put to work fitted with autoracks and specialized loading equipment where some can still be seen today. A versatile addition to your freight car fleet, these WalthersProto models are available in several authentic versions and features:
  • Limited edition - one time run of these road numbers
  • Prototypes handled 28', 40', 45', 48' & 53' trailers
  • Factory-installed grab irons
  • ACF, P-S or TT-2 style hitches included as appropriate
  • Bridge plates as appropriate
  • Detailed underbody with brake gear
  • 70-ton roller bearing trucks
  • Ultra-smooth rolling metal axles & 33" wheelsets
  • Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers

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