Walthers SceneMaster HO International 7600 3-Axle Flatbed Truck - Assembled - Red Cab, Black Flatbed

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This Walthers SceneMaster International(R) 7600 3-Axle Flatbed Truck is typical of today's heavy trucks operated by railroads, gas, water and power utilities, as well as city, county and state highway departments.

Also known as the WorkStar, this series of technologically sophisticated, heavy-duty trucks are powered by an 11-liter (390 horsepower) or 13-liter (475 horsepower) diesel engine, and can be built on a single- or dual-axle platform. The combination of power and versatility make it a favorite with railroad, construction, mining and utility companies.

This detailed SceneMaster 7600 3-Axle Flatbed Truck will look right at home on your modern-era layout and features:
  • Licensed replica of popular International truck
  • Must-have for HO model railroads
  • Perfect size for collectors
  • Fully assembled and painted
  • Die-cast metal and plastic parts

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