Walthers Proto HO EMD E9A - Standard DC - Preamble Express UP 951 (Red, White, Blue)

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With America's 200th birthday drawing near, in 1974 promoters of the American Freedom Train began meeting and greeting local officials along the proposed route aboard the Preamble Express. When General Motors became a major sponsor that August, power for the four-car consist was supplied by Union Pacific E9 A unit 951, repainted in a handsome red, white and blue scheme. Its duties completed that November, 951 returned to the UP, where it kept its patriotic color scheme through August of 1977. Retired in 1980, the unit would return to service in 1984, this time as part of the Heritage Fleet collection, where it can still be seen handling special trains today.
Packed with details and finished as it appeared from 1974 to 1977, this unique WalthersProto replica features:

  • Modified etched-metal Farr air grilles
  • Working back up light
  • Leslie S-3L and A-200 air horn
  • Whip-style radio antenna
  • Working Western-Cullen rotary beacon
  • Pilot-mounted MU brackets and hoses
  • Metal UP-style cab sunshades
  • Twin sealed beam headlight w/LED
  • Steam generator
  • Nose-mounted grab irons
  • UP-style snow shields
  • Passenger-style pilot
  • 48" dynamic brake fan
  • Limited edition - one-time run of these configuration
  • Available with ESU LokSound Select sound & DCC for DCC & DC layouts
  • Five-pole, skew-wound, high-torque, high-efficiency can motor
  • Helical gears with 12:1 ratio for smooth, ultra-quiet running
  • Correct 36" wheels
  • Easy multiple-unit operation

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