Walthers Mainline HO 60' Pullman-Standard Flatcar - Ready to Run - Santa Fe 293236 (Trailer Loading Deck, White)

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The WalthersMainline 60' Pullman-Standard Flatcar is perfect for all kinds of jobs on your 1960s and later HO Scale layout. Based on over 4,000 cars constructed by P-S beginning in the mid-1960s, many are still in service today. Over their careers these cars have hauled everything from logs to intermodal trailers and containers. These cars are available in four different configurations and feature superbly detailed decks with the correct board pattern, realistic wood grain and bolt details. The 60' Pullman-Standard General Service Flatcars are heavily weighted and come equipped with 33" turned-metal wheels and Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers for superior performance loaded or empty.
  • Completely new HO model from rails to deck!
  • Based on 4000+ cars built by Pullman-Standard in service from the mid-1960s to today!
  • The backbone of the TTX 60' flatcar fleet - similar cars used by many railroads
  • Used to ship all types of general freight as well as auto and truck frames, canisters, farm equipment, construction machinery, military vehicles, containers, logs, lumber, building materials, 20' and 40' containers, and 45' or 48' trailers
Superbly detailed decks match different prototype configurations with:

  • Correct board pattern with realistic wood grain and bolt details
  • Brake wheel cutout as appropriate
  • MTTX features two center tie-down channels
  • HTTX features two center and two outside tie-down channels
  • OTTX features two center tie-down channels; used for farm machinery
  • VTTX features open deck, container bolsters for three 20' or one 20' and 40' containers (sold separately) and side-mount lever-style handbrake
  • Trailer-loading version features hitch and rails 
  • Heavily weighted for excellent performance loaded or empty
  • Two car numbers for each road name or scheme
  • Detailed brake gear with piping
  • 70-ton roller bearing trucks
  • Correct 33" turned metal wheelsets
  • Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers


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