Walthers Mainline HO 50' ACF Exterior Post Boxcar - Ready to Run - Railbox 30058 (Yellow, Black Door, Large Logo and Slogan)

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Serve shippers on your HO railroad with these WalthersMainline 50' ACF Exterior-Post Boxcars. Responding to a growing shortage of serviceable cars, ACF and other builders unveiled a new generation of bigger equipment in the 1970s with increased width and height to improve carrying capacity. Today, they're still in service for Railbox and many other roads, where they can be found moving all types of cargo.

Features of these models include:

  • Limited edition - one time run of these road numbers!
  • Prototypes seen from coast-to-coast 1974 to the present
  • Handles all types of general freight loading
  • Used by Railbox and dozens of other railroads
  • Correct Plate B dimensions:
    • 41' 3" Truck Centers
    • 15' 2" Tall
    • 10' 8" Wide
    • Fully assembled
    • Correct 33" turned-metal wheelsets
    • Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers

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