Walthers Cornerstone HO Brick Kilns 2-Pack Kit

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Bring a classic industry to your HO layout with the Cornerstone Brickworks Series. Typical of facilities producing brick and similar products from the 1880s to the 1990s, the series includes four authentic structure kits, sized to model a complete operation on most layouts as well as accessories.

One of the signature structures of any brickworks, the Cornerstone Brick Kilns feature:
  • Based on round "beehive kilns" used to fire brick, clay pipe, tubes and more
  • Build as earlier coal- or later gas-fired kilns
  • Authentic design with exhaust stack, expansion bands, turnbuckles, gas burners, fine brick detail & more
  • Parts for two complete kilns
  • 2 large and 5 small brick stacks, with 12 pallets included for added realism
  • Molded in four colors
  • Each assembled kiln measures 4-7/8 x 2-7/32" 12.4 x 5.6cm
  • Stack measures: 15/16 x 15/16 x 4-7/8" 2.3 x 2.3 x 12.4cm
Perfect for moving raw materials and finished products, these SceneMaster Light Industrial Series nonworking kits make it easy to add HOn2 narrow gauge service inside your brickworks

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