Unimodel Military 1/72 Biaxial OB3 Armored Railcar w/Dbl T26-1 Conical Turrets Kit

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OB-3 Biaxial Armored Car with T-26-1 Turrets. 1930s-WWII Red Army armored railroad car mounting twin conical turrets from T-26 infantry tanks (each armed with 45mm gun and coaxial 7.62mm DT machine gun) and 2 additional on board DT MGs.
  • Rolling wheels; faceted armor lower body and sloped superstructure with engraved plate seams and raised rivets plus 2 tank turrets (both rotatable with adjustable elevation main guns)
  • Railroad section base (single-piece rails over cross ties (x2), each approximately 4 1/16" long) and photo-etch parts (machine gun aperture detail, handholds, hatches, lower section armor plate, bumper plates and coupling shields)
  • Painting reference for a typical vehicle with decals representing generic Soviet numerals and insignia
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