Unimodel Military 1/72 M4A4 Sherman Medium Tank Kit

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The production of medium M4A4 tanks began in July 1942. Its arms consisted of 75mm M3 gun, 12.7mm Browning machine gun and two 7.62mm Browning machine guns. A total of 7499 of M4A4 tanks were produced.
  • Detailed exterior with separate crew hatches and on-vehicle equipment, multi-part suspension bogies, link-and-length track, and photo-etch parts (applique armor, fender supports, brush guards, forward hull rivet strip, bogie track skids, front fender detail and exhaust grille)
  • Decals and painting reference for 2 vehicles: 'Lucky Eleven TSC', 1st Provisional Tank Group, Burma, February 1945 and 'Doolittle', 4th County of London Yeomanry, 7th Armored Division, El Alamein, November 1942.

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