Unimodel Military 1/72 BA9 Soviet Armored Vehicle Kit

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The production of BA-9 vehicles was started in 1936. The production of BA-9 vehicles was started in 1936. It differed from base of BA-6 by the changed form of a turret, new engine and radio station. The armored body was installed on chassis of GAZ-AAA truck. Its arms consist of 12,7mm DK machine gun and 7,62mm DT machine gun.

The BA-Ispan> (sometimes BAI) is a Soviet three-axle armored car. Only 82 vehicles of this type were built in 1932-1934, nevertheless the design initiated a series of heavy armored cars of Izhorskij plant: BA-3BA-6BA-9, and BA-10. Some vehicles were used in World War II, despite being obsolete at the time.

In 1931, the first Soviet 6x4 
chassis was created, a design based on adding Timken tandem rear axles to the American Ford AA chassis, and because of that called Ford-TimkenThis immediately initiated the development of armored cars. By the end of the year assembly was taking place at the plant "Gudok Oktyabrya" in Kanavin, near Nizhniy Novgorod. In autumn of the same year at the Repair Base of Nº2 in Moscow hull from the BA-27 armored car was first attached to the new chassis. About 20 such cars were built, having the designation BA-27M. At the same time, and with the same chassis, but at the Izhorskij plant, several dozen D-13 armored cars were built, developed by N. I. Dyrenkov.In 1932, at the Izhorskij plant, the armored car BA-I (I stands for Izhorskij) was developed by A. D. Kuzmin. In some publications the name of this machine is written together - BAI. It used the same triaxial Ford-Timken chassis as it predecessors.

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