Trumpeter Military Models 1/35 Soviet MT-LB (Medium Tactical) Multi-Purpose Tracked Vehicle New Tool) (MAR) Kit

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In the 1970s the Soviet began a development program to replace the AT-P series of artillery tractors (which were based on the ASU-57 airborne self-propelled gun) with a new generation of vehicles. The MT-L was developed to meet this requirement based on the PT-76 amphibious light tank chassis. The MT-LB is the armored variant of the MT-L. Entering production in the early 1970s, it was cheap to build, being based on many existing components like the engine which was originally developed as a truck engine. It was built at the Kharkov tractor plant and under license in Poland and Bulgaria.
  • Over 1100 Parts
  • One-piece lower hull, upper hull with exterior detail and separate hatches, fully detailed drivers and commanders compartment, detailed crew cabin, highly detailed YaMZ 238 V-8 diesel engine with optional access hatch, optional (vision ports and other access hatches), detailed turret with 7.62 mm PKT machine-gun, gas tanks, stowage boxes, separately molded on-vehicle tools and equipment and other filigree accents, brass wire tow cable, detailed running gear (drive sprockets, idler and road wheels) and individual tracks links, clear parts (vision ports and lights)
  • Photoetch accents (interior, exterior, engine and hatches).
  • Decals and 5-view color painting reference for (8) camouflage schemes - includes interior dash gauges.

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