Trumpeter Military Models 1/35 Russian A222 Bereg 130mm Coastal Defense Gun Kit

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The A-222 Bereg is a Russian 130 mm self-propelled coastal artillery gun, which was developed in the 1980s and first shown to the public in 1993 at an arms fair in Abu Dhabi.

  • 1000+ Parts
  • Multi-part cab and extensions
  • Well-appointed interiors with bucket seats
  • Detailed auxiliary unit
  • Separate inner doors, doors and hatches can be built open or closed
  • Stowage boxs
  • Mud flaps, fuel tanks, jerry cans, wire tow cables, separate on-vehicle (tools, equipment and other filigree exterior fittings)
  • Detailed suspension
  • Excellent multi-part chassis frame
  • Fully rendered D12A-525 38.9-litre diesel engine and driveline
  • Rubber tires, hydraulic jacks, antenna mast (raised/lowered)
  • Clear transparent parts (windows, windshield, lights and optical equipment)
  • Detailed AK-130 gun (includes projectiles) with full mechanisms (raised/lowered)
  • Extensive photo-etch (brackets, light guards, grilles, doors, and racks)
  • Decals and 5-view color painting reference for 6 camouflage schemes - includes instrument panel and mask.

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