Trumpeter Military Models 1/35 AR15/M16/M4 Family M16A2 Machine Guns (6) Kit

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The M4 medium with a welded hull and Whirlwind radial aircraft engine was the third type of the series to put into production. As the war dragged on, numerous changes were made to the M4, the changes of the final drive housing, the heavy VVSS suspension system, different kinds of road wheels, added- on armor but the 75mm main gun and the 56 degree glacis plates remains unchanged. Until a final version of hull combining a cast front and a welded rear! The kit contains the open spoke road wheels with details down to the tiny grease plug, the appliqué armors and both the early M34 gun mount and the M34A1 combination gun mount.
The kit consists of 24 plastics parts and 8 photo etched parts.

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