Tamiya Military 1/35 French Leclerc Series 2 MBT Kit

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This deluxe model is based on reference materials obtained from the French military by Tamiya's French designer, giving us a truly privileged opportunity to add this unique model to our 1/35 modern battle tank selection.

Deployed in 1993, the 3rd generation modern battle tank Leclerc is a truly innovative war machine. It was one of the first tanks to feature an advanced electronics system that includes full computerization of functions like targeting, control and communications. The Leclerc's distinctively shaped turret mounts a 52 caliber 120mm cannon with an automatic loading device, capable of firing 10 rounds per minute. Modular armor system makes repair and upgrading simpler than ever. The tank is powered by a compact, 4-stroke V-8 diesel engine and features gas turbines for auxiliry power. Weighing a total of 56 tons, the Leclerc has a lightweight and well balanced chassis, contributing to speed and mobility. Introduced in 1997, the Leclerc Series 2 features a turret-mounted air conditioner to cool the computer system.
  • 1/35 scale model accurately reproduces the Leclerc's distinctive modular armor.
  • High precision molding faithfully depicts the Leclerc Series 2's complex structure even down to the smallest details like smoke dischargers and commander's cupola.
  • First model to feature die-cast road wheels, for realistic weight and tank-like solidity.
  • Impressively depicts 120mm cannon with thermal sleeve.
  • Commander's sight can rotate and has lenses made from clear parts.
  • Comes with clear parts for head and tail lights.
  • Includes 4 types of markings and 1 commander figure.
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