Tamiya Aircraft 1/100 Embraer 175 Fuji Dream Airliner Kit

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This is a model of the Fuji Dream Airlines Embraer (FDA) 175. Embraer is a Brazilian aerospace company producing craft for a number of fields, including passenger jets such as the 170/175. FDA has been using them since July 2009, and as of March 2016 has a fleet of 11, in distinctive colors.
  • The form of a parked Embraer 175 with landing gear down is accurately captured. Engines feature depictions of fan blades.
  • Features parts recreating details such as fuselage antennae.
  • Clear windshield parts allow appreciation of cockpit seats and instrumentation panel.
  • Includes 3 decal sheets to recreate the markings and logos of any of the FDA fleet from #1 - #10.
  • Color painting guide is included.

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