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Takom Military 1/35 German WWII Hanomag SS100 Tractor Kit

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Originally manufactured in 1936 as the SP-100 heavy agriculture tractor, it was quickly commandeered for use by the military. Modified and produced in both two and four-door versions with a new designation of SS-100, this Hanomag vehicle became one of the most widely used heavy tractors in German Military service. Kit features multi-part frame, detailed interior (bench seats front and back, steering and dash board), separate doors and inner doors (open/closed), full piece cab top, full piece hood, rear storage box, detailed (radiator face, engine, transmission, gas tanks and exhaust system), driveline with rubber tires (workable) and spare with brackets), clear accents (lights, windshield/windows). "Gun carriage Not Included" Decals and color markings for (4) vehicles: Belgium, 1944; Tempelhof, 1942 Berlin; Peenemunde, 1943 and Mittelwerk, 1945 Nordhausen, Germany - includes dash gauge.

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