Sword Aircraft 1/72 T2V1/T1A Seastar Fighter Kit

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Lockheed carrier capable turbojet trainer aircraft for the US Navy developed from the T-33. Kit features engraved panel lines, well-appointed tandem cockpits with resin ejection seats, exhaust pipe with turbine face, detailed wheel wells and undercarriage, wingtip tanks, arresting hook and optional position 2-piece injection-molded canopy. Also includes color photo-etch parts (interior and exterior fine details plus color instrument panels, consoles and seatbelts).

Decals and painting reference for (3) aircraft:
  • US Navy T2V-1 BuNo 144176 of VT-109 at NAS Memphis, 1962
  • USMC T2V-1 BuNo 144750 at MCAS El Toro, CA, 1962
  • US Navy T-1A BuNo 144173 at Shaw AFB, 1970

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