Showcase Models Military 1/35 Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle Royal Australian Army Kit

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The Australian Army announced project Bushmaster in the early 1990s to select a wheeled armored vehicle that could safely transport an Infantry section of nine soldiers in the harsh conditions of northern Australia. Australian Defence Industries (ADI), an Australian Government organization, was chosen as the winner of the competition with their four-wheeled mine-protected vehicle design. With the privatization of ADI in 2001, production of the vehicle passed to Thales.

The first overseas deployment of the Bushmaster was in 1999 when trial vehicles were sent to East Timor. The production Bushmaster saw its operational debut in Iraq in 2005. The vehicle continues to serve in Afghanistan today.

Six variants of the Bushmaster are currently in service with the Australian Army. They include the basic Troop Vehicle, a Command Vehicle, Direct Fire Support Vehicle, Assault Pioneer Vehicle, Mortar Vehicle and Ambulance.

This Australian design has now also been taken up by the British and Royal Danish Armies.

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