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Revell Germany Aircraft 1/32 F4F Phantom II WTD61 Flight Test Aircraft Kit

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The variants of the F-4 Phantom II have been in service with the air forces of the western world since the early sixties. In that time they have continuously set the standard for performance, multi-mission capability, and resilience. It took decades of development for their combat capabilities to be exceeded by modern aircraft and the Phantom II is still used as a test bed for further aeronautic development. Kit features nose cannon, detailed radar, detailed dual cockpit, choice of extended or retracted undercarriage, munitions, and a super decal set for the final flight of WTD-61.
  • Detailed surfaces with recessed panel joints
  • F-4F nose with nose-cannon
  • Detailed radar unit
  • Detailed cockpit for both pilot and combat observer
  • Detailed ejection set
  • Faithfully reproduced instrument panel
  • Detailed tail and rudder
  • Detailed undercarriage with tires in the standing position
  • A choice of extended or retracted undercarriage positions
  • A choice of extended or retracted air-brakes
  • External load pylons
  • Central fuselage tank
  • Two wing tanks
  • Four AIM-7 Sidewinder guided missiles
  • Four AIM-120 guided missiles
  • - An ECM Pod
- Super decal set with all flashes and a complete set of markings for the unique livery of F-4F Phantom II 38+13 Final Flight WTD-61 Flight Test , Manching 30 July 2013

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