Revell Germany Aircraft 1/144 Junkers Ju52/3m Transporter Kit

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Known as the Good old Aunt Ju the Ju52 became a flying legend. No other aircraft can claim to have transported over 120,000 wounded. She also played an indispensable part in the transport and resupply role. Spectacular missions such as the invasion of Crete solidified the legendary reputation of the Ju52 asa robust and reliable transport aircraft. Production was not suspended until 1944.
- Detailed Surfaces
- Interior Walls with separate rows of windows
- Cockpit including Instrument Panel
- Radial Engines and movable Propeller
- Separate Ailerons
- Detailed Undercarriage
- MG mount on the Fuselage

Decal Set for two Luftwaffe versions:
- Junkers Ju52/3m g7e of Transportstaffel/VIII. Fliegerkorps Soviet Union, December 1942
- Junkers Ju52/3m g7e of 2./KGrzbV 108, Norway, 1942

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