Revell Germany Military 1/76 SdKfz 11 Halftrack, 7.5cm Pak 40 Gun, R75 Motorcycle & 2/Crew Kit

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The Pak 40 was a 75mm anti-tank gun that was fully capable of knocking holes in the best Allied tanks. Nazi Germany rolled more than 20,000 of these off production lines and used them in nearly every major military campaign of the war. This set also includes an Sd.Kfz.11-one of the primary artillery tractors the Wehrmacht used to transport crews, ammunition and towed guns across much of the world. In Italy, North Africa, Russia, France, and Germany, the Sd.Kfz.11 tirelessly hauled the machinery of war across the blasted landscape.
  • Towing tractor
  • Anti-tank gun
  • Motorcycle with side car
  • Diorama base
  • Soldiers
  • Two sets of decals.

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