Revell Germany Military 1/35 Wiesel 2 LeFlaSys (Ozelot & AFF & BF/UF Vehicle (3 Kits)

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Accepting Back Orders - Will Ship When Available

The Wiesel armored weapons carrier was designed to give German paratroopers greater effectiveness against non-infantry threats. The three vehicles in the Wiesel 2 LeFlaSys (command vehicle, radar vehicle, Stinger missile carrier) allow a battery of Wiesels to detect and destroy enemy aircraft nearly 4 miles (6km) distant. Best of all, these vehicles are light enough to be deployed by aircraft anywhere the paratroopers need to go. 
- Contains 3 models (Ozelot, AFF, BF/UF)
- Finely engraved surface details
- Vinyl tracks easy to assemble
- Detailed running gear
- Filigree tooling
- Smoke discharger system
- Filigree 7.62 mm MG 3
- Rear stowage compartments with 4 Stingers
- Turret traverses through 360º
- Movable 3D radar
- Authentic decals for LeFlaBttr 300, Hardheim, 2009 (army) and air defense rocket group 61, Todendorf, 2013 (airforce)

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