Polar Lights Model Cars 1/24 Harley Quinn from Batman Classic VW Beetle Snap Kit

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The most iconic character to be added to BATMAN’s rogues’ gallery is Harley Quinn. Introduced in the 1992 Batman Animated Series, the “walk-on” character proved to be loved by adoring fans everywhere. At her introduction, Harley starts as Joker’s ever-loving hench-woman whose love for the Clown Prince of Crime goes completely unrequited. Harley is set to make her first live action appearance in the upcoming 2016 blockbuster, Suicide Squad, and her popularity is sure to skyrocket even more.

This intricately detailed 1:24 scale snap-together kit features Harley Quinn stickers to appeal to young modelers and several optional parts for the VW modeling enthusiast. Part options include steering wheels, bucket seats, bumpers, mirrors, exhaust systems, wheels and more. The hood and trunk open to show the spare tire and complete engine assembly.
• Harley Quinn stickers
• Free rolling wheels
• Optional parts–Wheels, seats, bumpers & more
• Injected in color- red body, black chassis with clear and chrome parts
• Opening trunk and hood with complete engine

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