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Panda Hobby 1/16 PzKpfw 38(T) Ausf E/F Tank Kit

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The Panzer 38 started life as an inter-war Czech designed medium tank that was co-opted into service by the Nazi war machine when Czechoslovakia was annexed prior to WWII. It's age is exhibited by the comparatively light main armament and the riveted and bolted construction of the armor plates. Additional armor was deemed necessary in German service, which was achieved by the addition of extra plates to the existing armor, rather than replacing the panels, and these were designated as E through to G.

Although it was already a fairly old design by the outbreak of WWII in Europe, manufacture continued until 1942, when the realisation that it could not take on the Russian tank of the day, the T-34 dawned upon the designers. Its chassis carried on however, and was used as a Flakpanzer, the well liked (by its crew) Hetzer and the Marder III. Crews said of the drivetrain that it was well-designed for use as well as maintenance, which resulted in a low breakdown rate, with easy repairs when it did fail.

Its main use was on the Eastern Front, but it was pulled out of front line use due to its light armor, and although it continued as a reconnaissance tank, that was the remaining chassis from the 1,400 that has been built were re-tasked in earnest. The Marder III was an attempt to break through the armor of the T-34 with captured 76.2mm Russian guns mounted in open turrets, and this in turn led to the more successful Hezter. The diminutive Hetzer (officially designated Jagdpanzer 38(t)) had a wider chassis and heavier armor in a turretless design, turning it into an effective tank destroyer that became increasingly common right up to the end of the war, with almost 3,000 built.
  • Workable indy-link tracks
  • Photo-etched metal detail parts
  • Marking options for four versions
  • Clear parts
  • Optional metal main gun barrel 

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