Pacific Coast 1/32 Focke-Wulf Fw.190A-4 Kit

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The introduction of the Fw 190A created a crisis for Great Britain’s Royal Air Force Fighter Command by presenting an opponent that outclassed the Spitfire in almost all aspects. The Fw 190A would soldier on throughout World War II and develop into even more potent versions.

Among the features and options in this kit:

  • Choice of Fw 190A-1, A-2, A-3, or A-4
  • Nicely detailed resin cockpit
  • Color-printed photo-etch instrument panel and pilot restraints
  • Photo-etched rudder pedals
  • Nicely detailed resin Jumo engine
  • Detailed resin main wheel wells
  • Choice of two tread patterns on resin main gear wheels

The original decal sheet provides a choice of eight subjects:

  • Fw 190A-1, W.Nr.100, 5./JG 26, Black 13, Morseele AB, Germany, 1941
  • Fw 190A-1, W.Nr.027, 6./JG 26, Red 1
  • Fw 190A-2, W.Nr.20202, JG 26, He
  • Fw 190A-3, W.Nr.333, 7./JG 2, 8+1
  • Fw 190A-3, W.Nr.2187, 8./JG 2, 11+1
  • Fw 190A-3, W.Nr.2181, 8./JG 2, 13+1
  • Fw 190A-3, W.Nr.2261, 2./JG 51
  • Fw 190A-3, W.Nr.437, 10./JG 1, 12+o

This release includes a new decal sheet with an additional eight subjects:

  • Fw 190A-4, W.Nr.0140750, II./JG 2, <+-
  • Fw 190A-4, unknown, 2./JG 54, Black 10
  • Fw 190A-4, unknown, 1./JG 54, White 3
  • Fw 190A-4, unknown, 1./JG 54, White III
  • Fw 190A-4/U8, unknown, I./SKG 10, Red 4
  • Fw 190A-4/U8, unknown, SchG 10, H
  • Fw 190A-4, W.Nr.746, 9./JG 2, 4+I
  • Fw 190A-4, W.Nr.140581, I./JG 1, <I

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