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Minicraft Model Aircraft 1/48 UH60L Black Hawk Medical Evacuation US Helicopter Kit

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The U.S. Army's UH-60Q and HH-60L medical evacuation helicopters blend the fast, long-ranged Blackhawk with a clinical cabin for better patient care and a hybrid "glass" cockpit for night/adverse weather operations. National Guard UH-60s have flown in hurricane relief efforts, deployed to international rescue exercises, and mobilized to support active-duty units stateside. Guard and active-duty HH-60Ls have gone to war in Afghanistan and Iraq and serve peacekeeping forces in Kosovo. Today's Medevac, or Dustoff, Blackhawks are nevertheless interim air ambulances pending production of the HH-60M with better performance and truly integrated avionics around 2007.

During Desert Storm, Coalition Forces were supported by activated National Guard and Reserve units. The Army was charged with providing theater-wide care to the Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Special Operations personnel.

The HH-60L Medevac helicopter provides comprehensive modern medical care from the injury site while enroute to a distant hospital. Onboard systems include: improved litter kit, environmental control system, oxygen generating system, enroute medical care, suction, patient monitors, and an external electrical rescue hoist.

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