Mamoli Wooden Ships 1/330 USS Constitution 3-Masted 1797 US Frigate Ship Kit

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U.S.S.Constitution, an American frigate with 54 guns, was launched on October 21, 1797. It had bigger dimen­sions, sails and equipment than the contemporary ships of the same class. Its strong construction earned it the name of “ Old Ironsides”.

Mamoli kits feature solid hulls that are pre-carved and perfectly shaped. All you need to do to the hull is sanding.

They are well detailed, with fine grained wood dowels for the masts and spars and individual planking strips for the decks. Scaled fittings include metal parts, cotton rigging and silk-screened flags. 

One to one plans and simple instructions make these an easy 15 to 20 hour kit.

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