Lifecolor Acrylic Italian WWII Uniforms Camouflage Acrylic Set (6 22ml Bottles)

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Water soluble acrylic colours for modelling and hobby. Life Color is excellent for paint brushing or airbrushing on plastic, resin, metal, vinyl, wood, cloth and ceramic.

This set includes:

  • UA 413 Tela Kaki North America
  • UA 414 Tela Grigio Verde
  • UA 415 Tuta Carrista
  • UA 416 Verde Telo Mimetico
  • UA 417 Kaki Telo Mimetico
  • UA 418 Marrone Telo Mimetico

This set is particularly useful for scale models of:

  • Italian Uniforms World War II (Regio Esercito)

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