Kalmbach Books Beginner's Guide to Locomotives & Rolling Stock

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Keeping locomotives in good condition is critical to smooth operation on a model railroad. In the newest Essentials Series book by Cody Grivno, Beginner’s Guide to Locomotives and Rolling Stock, modelers will learn:

  1. How real locomotives (steam/diesel) work
  2. How model locomotives work
  3. Maintaining and detailing model locomotives
  4. Prototype freight car guide
  5. Types of model freight cars (RTR, kits, plastic, resin, wood)
  6. Upgrading and detailing model freight cars
  7. Guide to prototype couplers
  8. Guide to available model couplers
  9. Replacing and upgrading couplers on models
  10. Guide to prototype locomotive and freight car wheels
  11. Upgrading, adjusting, and detailing wheels on models
  • Author: Cody Grivno
  • Size: 8.25 x 10.75
  • Pages: 96
  • Color photos: 225

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