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Kagero Books Photosniper: King Tiger

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The 80-page book splits into 5 main sections. The first 16 pages give the development and combat history of the King Tiger, well illustrated with archive photos, some of which are well known, and others which are less so. It includes useful data tables such as monthly production figures, modifications made during the production run and the months they were implemented, armor thicknesses, even the maximum speeds available in each gear. They also mention where examples are now preserved.

This is followed by 19 pages of what is described as 'conventional' 3-view scale drawings in 1/35, while also including additional 3/4 view drawings of the whole tank, of the turrets and other specific details. Next, 33 pages of color photos focusing on three preserved examples. Tanks at the Panzer Museum Munster, which includes detail pictures of the gun outside the turret, along with engine and transmission: the Porsche turreted example at the Bovington Tank Museum: and the one in La Gleize, Belgium. After this, some more text with details of crew uniforms and equipment, along with details of camouflage and markings used on King Tigers.

The book is rounded off with 7 pages of excellent color profiles which will be helpful for modelers looking for a camouflage scheme that they might like to apply to their model. Very much a book for scale modelers looking to get specific details right for their models, and at good value for money too.

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