Italeri Model Cars 1/24 Guard Rail & Road Section Display Kit

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  • Two identical runners, each with a section of road surface, guard rails and a STOP sign
  • Decals provide relevant highway markings, and each runner has 25 parts, so you get 50 in all, plus the decal sheet
  • Road sections are 229 mm (9 in) wide by 187 mm (7.4 in) long - so making up both gives you a display base nearly 380 mm (15 in) in length, plenty big enough for the average 1:24 scale truck.
  • Kit is suitable for European and US trucks but could be adapted easily to make it suitable for virtually any country.
Crash barriers can be built ‘high’ or ‘low’ and build either version as a single section, or use both to double the length. 
Kit is intended for countries that drive on the right but for those that drive on the left, the kit can be converted by the simple expedient of reversing the whole lot left to right, while fixing the STOP sign and decal to the other end of the road. The octagonal sign will need swivelling 180 degrees, and a new hole drilled for its post, and instead of your model vehicle facing left, it will face to the right. 


* Truck Not Included

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