Italeri Aircraft 1/72 Sunderland Mk I Flying Boat Aircraft Kit

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The Short Sunderland was one of the most famous seaplanes of World War II. It’s came into service at the end of 1938 to equip the Royal Air Force squadrons of Coastal Command. The Short industrial skills, famous for the production of transport seaplanes during the '30s, allowed to give birth to a robust and reliable aircraft to meet, in a very good way, the maritime reconnaissance and patrol duties. The 1,065 HP four Bristol Pegasus radial engines and the robust hull structure, guarantees good flexibility even for the long range mission even in tough weather conditions. Sunderland, thanks to the offensive load it could carry, consisting of depth charges, was successfully deployed in anti-submarine operations during the "Battle of the Atlantic" revealing, in fact, a good contrast to the "U-boats" of  German Kriegsmarine.

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