Italeri Aircraft 1/72 KC135A Stratotanker USAF Aircraft Kit

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The Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker is the most famous military aerial refueling aircraft of the aviation history. Developed by Boeing on the four-engine 707 airframe, at the mid of the '50s, its initial task was to refuel strategic bombers during the Cold War. However, thanks to its flexibility, it was used in all the major conflicts, such as Vietnam and the Middle East, to supply any type of U.S. Air Force fighters and bombers. Over time the KC-135 has been improved in engines and avionics on board to be in line with the  new operational needs. It’s equipped with a flying boom located under the tail section. Additional refueling hose drogue pods can be mounted under the wings.  The boom operator is located in the rear of the plane in order to have the best view and the maximum visibility of the refueling procedure.

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