Italeri Aircraft 1/48 F84F Thunderstreak Jet Aircraft Kit

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The first Republic F-84F Thunderstreaks began service in the United States Air Force around the middle of the 1950’s. Differently from the previous F-84 Thunderjet, it was characterized with a swept-wing and a powerful Wright J-65 engine which brought it to a maximum speed of over 1,100 Km/h, beyond the sound barrier. The F84F equipped the bomber formations of the newly founded NATO air forces during the first phase of the Cold War. It was used, among others, by Italy, France, West Germany, the Netherlands, Greece and Turkey. The F-84F Thunderstreak was armed with 6 12.7 mm machine guns and had a transport capacity, at the hooking points below the wings, of over 2,700 kg of combat payload or else supplementary fuel tanks to extend its range of action. In the Italian Military Air Force it was also used by the aerobatic team called the “Red Devils”, by the 6th brigade and by the “Thundering Jets” of the 5th air brigade.

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