ICM Aircraft 1/72 German Heinkel He51B2 Floatplane Fighter Kit

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The Heinkel He 51 was the first serial fighter of the German Luftwaffe. The first prototype named He 51a designed by the Gunter brothers flew for the first time in the summer of 1933. In 1935 production began of the serial He 51A-1 fighters.
  • Recessed panel lines
  • Restrained 'fabric-on-frame' effects, basic cockpit, separate rudder, drop tank, pontoons, rigging diagram and acetate windscreen
  • Decals and painting notes for 2 Luftwaffe aircraft: 'White 12' of 1.Ku.J.St./136, Holtenau, summer 1936 and 60+B41 embarked on Kriegsmarine cruiser DKM Leipzig, 1936.

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