Hong Military Models 1/35 ZSU-23-4M/MZ Soviet Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun Kit

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Development of the ZSU-23-4 Shilka began in 1957. The first prototype was completed in  1960. After extensive trials it entered service with  the Soviet Army in 1962. Production of the ZSU-23-4 commenced in 1964. It was a very successful design. The Shilka is currently in service with a number of countries worldwide.

The ZSU-23-4 Shilka is armed with quad 23-mm guns. It is a modified variant of the towed ZU-23 anti-aircraft gun. Vehicle has a rate of fire of 3 400 rounds per minute. It fires the same rounds as the ZU-23. The Shilka is fitted with target surveillance and tracking radar and simple fire control system. Its radar has a tracking range of 6 - 10 km, depending on target's altitude.

This is the first model of this vehicle and it appears by early photos to be a highly detailed kit. It has been the "missing link" in most Russian kit modelers' collections.

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