Hobby Boss Military 1/35 LKW 5t mil gl Kit

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High-mobility off-road truck developed by MAN SE for the German army. These trucks are mainly flatbeds and covered wagons used to transport material and troops, carriers for the Kabine II of the fire control system (FERA) of the Light Artillery Rocket System (LARS) and as recovery vehicle for the KZO 'Brevel' drone, equipped with a 1-ton crane by Atlas-Weyhausen.
  • Multi-part frame, cab with well-appointed interior, bucket seat and full seat, separate doors and inner doors, detailed suspension and drive line (muffler, transmission, exhaust system), gas tank, rubber tires plus (spare with rack), wood textured bed and side rails, canvas rails (Canvas bed cover not included), bench type cargo seats, jerry cans and containers, die-cut mask, transparent accents (windshield, windows, lights and side mirrors), photoetch accents (suspension, cab interior, doors, brackets and latches).
  • Decals and 5-view color painting reference for a (2) vehicles. - includes dash panel gauges and license plates.

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