Historical Military - Duke Hawkins Aircraft in Detail 1: Sepecat Jaguar Royal Air Force, Armee de l'Air, Indian Air Force

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 An extended walkaround, covering each area of the aircraft in detail with some stunning close-up photographs. For reference titles like these, the quality of the images is paramount, and you won't be disappointed here. The photography's not only clear and pin sharp, but also shows all those areas that, as a modeler, you really need to see. The accompanying text does a great job of explaining just what you're looking at in a very light-hearted and conversational style.

The book starts with an intro explaining just how much of a personal project this book is. The author's original intent was to produce a photo reference for his own modeling project, which would only be printed in a single copy. 
  • Soft Cover
  • 82 Pages
  • Full color - 250 Color Photos
  • Dynamic layout
  • Filled with hundreds of new, original and high-resolution photographs and up-to-date information

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