Gas Patch 1/48 Henschel Hs123A1 BiPlane Bomber (New Tool) Kit

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The HS-123 attack biplane was built for the renascent German air force during the 30s following a revision of the strict limitations placed on the German armed forces by the victors of the First World War. A typical biplane of that epoch, the HS-123 combined good maneuverability with a simple, tough airframe. It was first used during the Spanish Civil war to support frontline troops; in the Second World War, it was used to support infantry on the eastern front until, quite simply, there were no more left.
  • 167 parts in a medium grey colored plastic
  • Three clear plastic parts
  • Around 44 photo-etched parts on one fret
  • Two parts on printed acetate sheet (gunsight reflectors)
  • Self-adhesive die-cut canopy mask
  • Die-cut cardboard alignment jig for landing gear
  • Markings for five aircraft

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