Echelon Decals 1/35 US 3rd Inf Div M1A1HA Abrams Pt2

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A full 1 + 1/3 sheet to cover complete markings for 7 M1 Abrams out of the 1-64th Armor. Featuring the 2nd platoon, 4 gun tanks in full, whose barrels were marked after the 4 airline jets - a tribute to the September 11th, 2001. A memory that's still clearly etched in our minds...

The remaining markings: 1 vehicle from 1st platoon (red barrel ring), and 2 others from 3rd platoon (black barrel rings).

This sheet attempts to get the markings as accurate as possible down to the different chevrons and "squares" used.

Also included is a flag sheet. The medium and large flags are antenna flags that are needed to wrap around the antennas of some of the featured M1s. The smallest flags represent a "sticker" form found on one of the M1s.

Lastly, as a bonus, a patch sheet enough for 4 tanker figures. These are very hard and costly to print as the details are extremely fine.

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