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Ebbro Model Cars 1/24 Citroen DS19 Car Kit

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With light yellow body panel and navy blue roof, Citroen DS made an appearance for the first time in Paris in 1955. Its style resembled a space ship and made people at the time feel the arrival of the new era. Not only the exterior but also under its body, Citroen DS had a futuristic structure: Hydropneumatic suspension. It had no metal spring, but an oil pump driven by engine via v-belt, which supplied high pressure oil for its suspension, power brakes, power assisted steering and gearbox control. People loved its extraordinary soft ride and body movements which made them feel like riding some kind of animal. The sculptural body style is often seen as a work of art even today.

Parts come molded in white, black and silver. Includes clear parts, 5 rubber-like tires, and decals.

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