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Dragon Model Ships 1/700 USS Lake Erie CG70 Ticonderoga Class Guided Missile Cruiser Kit

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Entering service on 24 July 1993, she was the first US Navy (USN) ship commissioned in Hawaii. Serving with the Pacific Fleet, Lake Erie was the 24th Ticonderoga-class cruiser to be built. With a standard displacement of 9,800 tonnes and a length of 173m, the cruiser is armed with 122 missiles (including the likes of the SM-2MR, SM-2ER, SM-3, ESSM and Tomahawk), eight Harpoon anti-ship missiles, two Mk 45 5-inch guns, two 25mm Mk 38 guns and two Phalanx CIWS. Importantly, she is equipped with the Aegis combat system, and has served as test ship for missile exoatmospheric intercept flights. Perhaps USS Lake Erie is best known for her successful shoot down of a failed US satellite in February 2008 with a modified SM-3 missile.
  • Photo-etched radar & mast elements
  • Newly tooled 127mm gun barrel 
  • AN/SPY-1A/B multi-functional radar with accurate details 
  • Photo-etched railings 
  • Cartograf decals with accurate markings 
  • Waterline and full-hull versions included in the box

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