Dragon Model Ships 1/700 USS Princeton CVS37 Aircraft Carrier Kit

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With a displacement of 27,100 tons, the USS Princeton (CV-37) was originally laid down as an Essex-class aircraft carrier of the U.S. Navy. Commissioned on November 18, 1945. It was too late to be involved in WWII, though it did see extensive action in the Korean War with three tours of duty there. For example, its embarked aircraft supported Marines as they made a fighting withdrawal from the Chosin Reservoir.

"In January 1954, the USS Princeton was converted for antisubmarine warfare, and was reclassified as CVS-37. Its final evolution was as a Boxer-class amphibious assault ship for the USMC, in which role it served in the Vietnam War. This U.S. warship, after many years of faithful service, was finally decommissioned in 1970.
  • Accurately shaped and patterned CVS-37 flight deck is newly modeled 
  • Brand new Anti-Submarine aircraft comprising new tooled S2F-1 and HSS-1 are conveniently constructed in transparent plastic 
  • Astonishing new detail photo-etched parts for landing signal system are included 
  • New LSO Platform made from photo-etches parts 
  • Plastic and photo-etched options for safety net 
  • Option of either a waterline version of a full hull version with presentation stand 
  • Bonus transparent flight deck to show off the interior details 
  • Cartograf decal offers accurate marking

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