Dragon Models Aircraft 1/144 F/A18A Tophatters & EA18G Growler Dust Devils Aircraft

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The elderly Prowler is being chased off by the Growler! For many years the U.S. Navy has been operating the EA-6B Prowler, but it is now beginning to be replaced by the EA-18G Growler, an electronic warfare version of the famous F/A-18 Super Hornet. The very first EA-18G rolled out in public in 2006, with an initial operational capability to be gained in 2009. A total of 57 have been ordered by the U.S. Navy, with the Growler able to perform both escort jamming and standoff jamming. Specialist equipment includes AN/ALQ-218 wide band receivers and ALQ-99 high- and low-band tactical jamming pods to form a full-spectrum electronic warfare suite. 

This electronic warfare Growler will not fly alone either. An F/A-18E Super Hornet is included in the box to act as an escort for this important aerial asset. The markings represent VFA-14 “Tophatters”, a U.S. Navy fighter attack squadron based at Naval Air Station Lemoore. VFA-14 has the distinction of being the navy’s oldest active squadron, and aircraft are distinguished by a top hat insignia on the tail as well as the tail code ‘NH’. With both an EA-18G and F/A-18 present in the box, this set is a fantastic opportunity for aircraft modelers to gain air superiority!
- ALQ-99 high-band jammer pod
- Finely detailed two types of missiles included
- Fuel tank included
- Slide-molded lower fuselage section w/crisp detail
- New ALQ-218 (V)2 wingtip pods
- Transparent two-seater canopy
- Landing gear crisply detailed
- Engine exhaust nozzle has internal detail
- Wings can be modeled in either flying or storage modes
- Cockpit for twin seater
- Rear cockpit instrument panel
- F/A-18F engine air intake in defined detail
- Cartograf decals with various marking options

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