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Created in 1962, the M113 was the most extensively deployed vehicle in the Vietnam War; capable of traversing all terrains with its primary use is as an Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) in front line operations. Even though the M113 has since been replaced on the front line by newer APC’s this mainstay is still working hard within the ranks around the world.
Not long after full use within the US Army operation in South-East Asia, the M113 design was sold throughout the world for use by foreign militaries; the Israel Defense Force (IDF). The IDF, working off the design of the US issued M113, created a whole new breed of M113’s for the battle field.
The M113A1 was pressed into service with the IDF in 1970 after being supplied to Israel from the US. These Nagmas (APC in Hebrew) fit right into the operational condition within the IDF. The speed, maneuverability and capability of bringing a wide variety of men and materials to the field of battle, the M113 is a valuable asset and remains in service to this day.
Soon to be replaced by the IDF as an APC, the M113 will still provide critical support through many of its modifications.  Within the many variants of the IDF M113, the most commonly used vehicle would be the nicknamed version, Zelda.
This is an in-depth, comprehensive look in to the family of the M113 Zelda within the IDF Service. There are five chapters to this book spanning 83 pages packed with high resolution color photos and supporting text.

  • Introduction
  • Technical Teams
  • Early Zelda Chata”P
  • Late Modular Chata”P
  • M579 Fitter

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