Desert Eagle Publishing IDF Armor: Merkava Siman Mk2 in IDF Service Part 1

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From the time of the War of Independence to the present day, Israel has pushed itself to try and stay in front of the constant threats to its peaceful way of life. In the beginning, Sherman, Cromwell and Hotchkiss tanks were used with great success, but with the increasing threats of newer and stronger armaments throughout the years, Israel needed to remain vigilant in the development of better weaponry of their own; enter the Merkava Main Battle Tanks (MBT). In the late 1970’s, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) introduced the future of tank warfare with the Merkava Siman 2 MBT. To date, there are four main configurations of the Merkava MBT along with several upgraded variants to each version.
This eighty-three page hardback is the twelfth book in the series on IDF Armor. This photographic monograph on the Mk.2 tank is printed on heavy weight A4 paper and is presented in full color.  Author, Michael Mass, along with the editor Adam O’Brien, have compiled a tremendous amount of detailed photographs and technical information surrounding the Merkava Mk. 2 and it is all broken down into nine chapters consisting of the following:
  • Introduction – The Merkava Family
  • In Combat
  • In Action
  • Man and Machine
  • In Detail
  • Nochri
  • Adapters
  • Interior
  • Tactical Signs

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