Desert Eagle Publishing IDF Armor: Doobi Bulldozers in IDF Service

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On the cover a fully protected D9R with complete TPK (Tractor Protection Kit) is shown accelerating trough the desert. When flipping the cover you will be presented with info on the creators, acknowledgements, photographers and the contents of the book. The D9 book gives us info on the following Bulldozers:
  • D9L
  • D9N
  • D9R
  • D9T (one page)

Some information on the D9 Bulldozer in IDF service is given. There is a short text about the early days of the Bulldozers in IDF service as well as some info on all the models that were and are in use by the IDF.

The IDF experienced the need of adding armor to their D9 Bulldozer, this is all explained with text and pictures in four pages. Next up is a visual explanation of the exterior of the D9 Bulldozer with the functions of the exterior parts. this is a helpful layout as you can identify all the most common exterior parts and don’t have to wonder what they function for anymore.

The biggest subject of this book is the familiarization of the three D9 variants that are currently in Israeli Defense Force service: D9L,D9N and D9R.

The parts of the book about the D9L,D9N and D9R explain the  history of all three dozers, it’s differences compared to the other two and gives you a lot of pictures.

For us modelers, the pictures are very important and that is exactly what they keep in mind at Desert Eagle Publishing. The pictures are of great quality, for example the interior pictures are wide angle pictures that give you a great view of the cabin! Every picture is accompanied by a great piece of text that explains what you see and gives info on any noticable things you might see in the picture.

Catterpillar’s D9R bulldozer is featured the most in this book with two sections, the “in action” and “in detail” section. In the “in action” section, as you would guess you will be presented with a lot of great pictures of the D9R in action. Great about those pictures is that it gives you great insight of what the D9R is capable of, in what kind of situation in handles, how it weathers and such! This section gives great insight for diorama’s and how to weather your D9R model.

In the “in detail” section you will be presented with a great walkaround of the D9R Bulldozer. Michael Mass, the photographer, takes you around a Slat Armored D9R bulldozer. Everything of the D9R is covered in detail here:

  • Dozer blade hydraulics, headlights and connections
  • full suspension system: tracks, drive sprockets, idler wheels, etc
  • Ripper and connections to the D9R itself
  • Slat armor pieces
  • Interior walkaround
  • Some pictures of the open side of the engine (no layouts plans or so)
  • Roof
  • And other small detail off course.

After you have had your tour around the impressive D9R, one page will be dedicated to the D9T. The D9T is the unmanned remote control D9 Bulldozer that is currently being investigated by the IDF. Only little is known at the moment so not much info on this promising variant.

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